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Little Texan

4oz. peanut brittle,
4oz. pecan brittle,
4 pecan chewies,
1 Texas shaped peanut patty


Texas Trio

1 quart  jalapeno peanut brittle,
1 quart  pecan brittle,
1 quart  peanut brittle


Texas Jumbo

1/2 gallon peanut brittle,
4 peanut patties,
1 star shaped peanut patty,
8oz. Divinity w/ pecans,
7oz. bag of spicy hot peanuts,
7oz. bag of sugar coated peanuts,
7oz. bag of Spanish roasted peanuts,
Texas Wild Sweet Hots (Jalapenos),
2 pecan chewies,
16oz. Texas Wild Picante Salsa,
8oz. Texas Wild Mustang Grape Jelly



Texas Favorites

16oz. peanut brittle,
8oz. pecan brittle,
8oz. Mustang grape jelly,
16oz. homemade peanut butter,
1 Texas shaped peanut patty,
7oz. spicy hot peanuts,
7oz. sugar coated peanuts,
7oz. Spanish Roasted peanuts,
2 pecan chewies



Medium Texas Tin

8oz. peanut brittle,
1 pecan chewy,
1 peanut patty,
7oz Spanish peanuts



Large Texas Tin

16oz. peanut brittle,
4oz. pecan brittle,
7oz. Spanish peanuts
2 pecan chewies,
Texas-shaped peanut patty



If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may help you make you own pack.
Special Note:  Items of equal value may be substituted for out-of-stock items.

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